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We make private jet charters—as our name suggests—accessible from both a monetary and convenience standpoint while delivering the best value and experience for private air travel in the country. Our services enable private aircraft owners to offset ownership costs and allow travelers to fly via private aircraft without owning one through our FAA Approved Part-135 Air Carrier Certificate.

Begin your Jet Access experience by calling us at 561.283.1214 or by emailing us at


  • FAA Approved Part-135 Air Carrier
  • The highest levels of safety and security
  • FAA SMS Active Conformant

  • ARG/US Platinum Operator
  • IS-BAO Stage II
  • WYVERN Registered

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  • A focus on luxury and professional service
  • Travel concierge services to assist with a vehicle, hotel, and other arrangements
  • Detailed cleaning of aircraft after every flight
  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Fully vetted, trained, and experienced
    flight crew
  • Fleet contains jet and turboprop aircraft with a network of over 4,000 Part-135 aircraft
  • 100% owner control over scheduling and aircraft availability
  • In-depth financial and operational reporting about clients’ private aircraft
  • Turnkey compliance with all private flight regulatory requirements

Empty leg flights

We specialize in “empty leg,” or deeply discounted “one way” private jet charter flights. These unsold segments on a private jet arise when an aircraft needs to return to base or reposition to accommodate the next charter. These flights typically come at a steep discount, while still maintaining top-class service.

As the availability of these fights changes rapidly, please contact us at for up-to-the-minute availability.

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