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Embraer Authorized Service Center

  • 24/7 and Offsite Capabilities
  • AOG Services
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • AD & SB Compliance
  • Factory Approved Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Major and Minor Structural Repairs and Modifications
  • Pratt & Whitney Service and Support
  • Avionics Repair and Installation
  • Cabin Entertainment Solutions
  • Inflight WiFi and Broadband Solutions

There From the Beginning

Eagle Creek Aviation, a Jet Access company, is proud to have been side by side with Embraer dating back to the design phase of the Phenom and introduction to the U.S. market. Our close relationship with Embraer enables us to maintain your Phenom with the utmost precision and professionalism.

Our unrelenting goal is to maximize your Embraer ownership experience. Our expert technical staff, our unequaled experience and extensive parts inventory is your assurance that we are a strategic partner to supporting your aircraft.

We are able to support EEC, ESP and JSSI maintenance programs as well as:

  • AOG, 24/7 and Offsite Capabilities
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • AD and SB Compliance
  • Factory Enhancements
  • Major and Minor Structural Repairs and Modifications
  • Pratt & Whitney Service and Support
  • Interior Refurbishment
  • Wifi and Cabin Entertainment
  • Avionics Repair and Installation
  • Engineering and STC Development



As an award-winning Garmin Service Center, we have trained technicians with a vast knowledge of Garmin’s G1000 and G3000 avionics.

With our experience and history with Embraer aircraft, you can be confident in our avionics technicians. We are an authorized dealer for all major avionics companies including Garmin, Honeywell, Alto Aviation, SmartSky and Gogo.

Embraer Phenom Garmin G1000 NXi Upgrade

Garmin G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck


  • Faster processing (10X) & Better Displays (30-50% Brighter)
  • Enhances Connectivity via Garmin Connext
  • New ADS-B In/Out Solutions for the Phenom 100
  • Dozens of New Features and Enhancements
  • Minimal overall downtime and investments

We are now offering NXi on the road. Our AOG and Avionics teams will come to your hangar to install the upgrade in your aircraft in one day. Minimum downtime, maximum performance.

Inflight Wi-Fi for Embraer Aircraft

We offer affordable, powerful connectivity solutions specifically designed for light jets through SmartSky and Gogo. From in-flight internet and email, to personal smartphone use (for calls and texting), as well as unleashing the full potential of cockpit apps, we make Wi-Fi work for owners, operators, passengers and pilots.

With affordably priced equipment and hourly data plans, no matter what your budget, affordable connectivity is within reach.

10-Year Inspections and Gear Overhauls


We have extensive experience with the 10-year inspection process and know these planes inside and out.

We treat each aircraft as if it was our own and manage the inspection and gear overhaul throughout the whole process.

Sales and Brokerage Service


  • Whether you are looking to sell your existing plane and trade up to another aircraft, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience in aircraft sales.
  • We can locate truly qualified buyers and present your aircraft to the market in the most compelling way possible.
  • Our aircraft acquisition services enable you to locate the best plane available, based on your mission profile and budget.
  • Whatever your need, you can count on our reputation for integrity, professionalism and good communication throughout the transaction process.

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Upgrade Options for Phenom Aircraft

  • Fast & Affordable Update for Existing Garmin G1000 Installations
    This is a game changer!  Experience the difference by upgrading your Embraer Phenom 100 or 300 with the latest G1000 technology from Garmin.

    • Faster processing (10X) & Better Displays (30-50% Brighter)
    • Enhances Connectivity via Garmin Connext
    • New ADS-B In/Out Solutions for the Phenom 100
    • Dozens of New Features and Enhancements
    • Minimal overall downtime and investments

    Learn More About the Garmin G1000 NXi Upgrade

  • If you’re opting for the Phenom’s high-density configuration, you’ll want to boost the payload capacity and range of your airplane. We can increase the Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) to give you more range. We also offer a further increase to the Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) to really make your Phenom go the distance.

    Learn more

  • It is now possible for Phenom 300 series customers to upgrade their aircraft’s seats with brand new Embraer DNA seats. The new DNA seat not only brings a refreshed aesthetic to your aircraft, it also features broader backs for greater support, extendable headrests with bolsters, retractable armrests for cabin space improvement, and extendable leg rests for improved ergonomics. The seat comes with several customization options and ease of maintainability.

    View the brochure

    *Solution available to Phenom 300 only

  • AVIATOR 300, developed for Phenom 300 series customers, is a compact, lightweight system that offers cost-effective SwiftBroadband capabilities to the widest range of airframes flying today. With data up to 332 kbps, Aviator 300 is a complete voice and data solution that works through a satellite- based connection (Inmarsat). Ideal for customers who operate in regions without ATG internet, such as Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

  • We are an Alto Aviation Dealer and provides PA and cabin audio solutions for the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300.

    The flight crew will be able to make PA announcements from the cockpit by selecting the PA key on the audio panel. When PA is selected from the cockpit a PA chime will activate and the crew will be able to make clear announcements to passengers without requiring them to wear headsets.

    This versatile solution also allows adding excellent entertainment audio to the system, providing all the cabin passengers in the cabin with an outstanding listening experience, allowing them to plug in their personal media device and listen to their favorite music through an ALTO Aviation premium digital sound system. Volume settings and music selection will be controlled through the passenger’s personal device. When a PA event occurs the PA event will override any entertainment audio playing.

    There are several different configurations and options, contact one of our Embraer Phenom experts to learn more.Alto Aviation Phenom PA SolutionsAlto Aviation Phenom PA Solutions  Alto Aviation Phenom PA Solutions  Alto Aviation Phenom PA Solutions

  • Garmin Synthetic Vision – SVT for G1000 has our most useful, safety-enhancing situational display capability in an integrated flight deck. And it can make a world of difference in the way you navigate today’s busy airspace.

    Seeing Is Believing

    When darkness, fog, rain, haze or solid IFR conditions keep you from seeing clearly out the windshield, our SVT virtual flight reference is like “taking the blinders off.” Using sophisticated graphics modeling, SVT recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G1000 system’s terrain-alerting database. The resulting virtual reality display offers pilots a supplemental 3-D depiction of ground and water features, airports, obstacles and traffic — all shown in relative proximity to the aircraft. So situational orientation is far easier and less stressful.

    Garmin Synthetic Vision - Garmin SVT

  • Now anyone in your plane can conveniently control your XM Satellite radio using the Garmin remote control.  The GRT 10 in conjunction with the GRC 10 give passengers control over your plane’s XM Satellite radio without operations from the pilot, copilot or avionics suite. Now anyone can scan through their favorite XM radio channels and view entertainment information without disturbing the pilot.  Garmin let’s you adjust the volume, change the channel and view entertainment information.

    Garmin Remote

  • We offer the Embraer factory Belted Lavatory service bulletin kits for the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300.  The SB kit allows us to replace the non belted lavatory with a structural reinforced belted flushing lavatory allowing it to be occupied by a passenger. We have installed many kits and  and has experience installing many kits.

    Phenom Belted Lavatory

  • We offer several options for adding in flight internet and Wi-Fi to your Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. We are an Gogo Authorized Dealer and offer Gogo’s new AVANCE L3 and L5 Broadband Internet and Cabin WiFi connectivity.GOGO L3 L5 AVANCE IN FLIGHT INTERNET & WIFI

  • Tired of the interior rails looking poor with scratches and scuffs?  We have a process that will refinish the rails to make them look great and last.

    Embraer Phenom Interior Rails

    Embraer Phenom Interior Rails

  • We manufacture and stock carpet runners in factory colors.  We have designed a main aisle carpet runner, supplemented by two rugs between the passenger seats and one by the main cabin door to protect your cabin and allow easy cleaning.  We can also produce custom runners in vinyl including custom logos.

    Embraer Phenom Carpet Runners Embraer Phenom Carpet Runners

  • Did you know that Embraer Phenom aircraft don’t come with a Hobbs meter from the factory?

    Keep track of your flight hours easily with an installation of a Hobbs flight hour meter.  The meter is cleanly installed on the Co-Pilot side by the headset jacks for easy reading and yet out of way.

  • We have installed 1/8” headset jacks in several airplanes to allow passengers to use typical iPod-style headsets.  We can also install additional aux music jacks in the cabin that enables passengers to share what they are listening to.

  • With its advanced solid-state transmitter design eliminating the need for life limited magnetron tubes, the GWX 70 — and GWX 70H that’s been made more rugged for helicopter operations — comprises the very latest and most reliable technology in onboard weather radar.

    Scan with Doppler Accuracy

    Bringing full-color storm cell tracking to your compatible Garmin multifunction display, this Doppler-capable weather avoidance tool combines excellent range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition — for accurate, easy-to-interpret, weather analysis in the cockpit. With pilot-adjustable horizontal scan angles of up to 120°, you can easily focus scanning on the areas you want to watch, while vertical scanning lets you focus on storm tops, gradients and cell buildup at various altitudes. Plus, Weather Attenuated Color Highlight (WATCH™) can identify areas beyond the radar’s capability that may contain even more hazardous areas of precipitation.

    Upgrade to Advanced Features

    The GWX 70 you buy today is prepared for the technologies you might need tomorrow. You can unlock a wealth of new functionality in your GWX 70, such as ground clutter suppression*, which identifies radar ground returns and removes them from the display – taking the guesswork out of interpreting what’s on your screen. And optional turbulence detection* can determine areas of turbulence that might contain particulate, like rain or hail. These capabilities are available through simple software upgrades, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware in the future.


  • We are approved to install the factory upgrade forward 2-place divan in the Phenom 300.

    • Replace the forward, right hand refreshment center with a divan
    • Center armrest with cup holders
    • Additional storage under the aft seat and armrest
    • Interior configuration allows for up to 9 passengers

    Phenom 300 Divan

  • This replaces the standard forward left hand refreshment wardrobe and includes ice drawer, crystal storage, snack drawers, general storage with shelves, and trash disposal.  It also has room for beverage can storage and space for wine bottles

    Phenom 300 Refreshment Cabinet

  • Heat your Phenom 300 aft baggage compartment with Embraer’s service bulletin that provides a heated air supply in order to maintain its internal temperature at adequate levels during flight.

    The system is designed to provide headed air supply to the aft baggage compartment in order to maintain its internal temperature between approximately 40 degrees F and 75 degrees F during flight.

    Additional insulation is added underneath the floor, sidewalls and ceiling panels

  • Looking for more leg room in the cockpit? The seat track extension provides an additional 3 inches of travel and includes 3 additional locking positions for added comfort.

    The pilot divider is also modified slightly to allow additional room for recline.

  • We can replace the standard forward right hand side wardrobe in the Phenom 100 with a structural reinforced side facing seat allowing to be occupied by a passenger.

    Phenom 100 Side Facing Seat

  • Upgrade to Embraer’s premium entry door by replacing the cables with a stainless steel telescopic rods and adding lights to the steps of the air stair door

    Phenom Premium Passenger Door

    Premium Passenger Door

    Premium Passenger Door

  • We can replace the curtain for the lavatory are with a rigid lavatory door.  The lav door increases privacy that separates the lavatory from the passenger cabin using dual pocket doors.  This add on will disable the recline capability on the aft forward facing cabin seats.

  • We offer two cost-effective solutions for operators without TCAS.  We offer both, the Garmin GTS-850 and L-3 Communications Sky-899 TCAS I.

    Garmin TCAS

  • Did you notice you don’t have a light in the lav area of the airplane? We can install a LED light just like the spotlights found in the cockpit that are touch control.


    Embraer Phenom Service Center

    Embraer Phenom Service Center

  • We offer ADS-B solutions for the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300.

    Our dealer status with most major avionics manufacturers makes us the ideal partner. We’ll walk you through all the options, work to identify the right solution for you, and ensure you receive world-class service throughout the process.

    Learn More About ADS-B Solutions for your Phenom 100 or Phenom300

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