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Twin Commander Authorized Service Center

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • 24/7 and Offsite Capabilities
  • AD & SB Compliance
  • Avionics Repair and Installation
  • Cabin Entertainment Solutions
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Inflight WiFi and Broadband Solutions
  • Engine Repair and Overhaul
  • Major and Minor Structural Repairs and Modifications
  • Paint
  • RVSM Certification for 690C/D and 695A Twin Commanders

Twin commander authorized service center

Eagle Creek Aviation, a Jet Access company, has nearly four decades of commitment to the Twin Commander community, winning awards and top ratings for our service center’s performance and our innovation in keeping the fleet flying safely. You can trust us with all your Twin Commander service and upgrade needs.

Twin Commander Service Center


  • 150-hour Inspections and Routine Maintenance
  • TPE331 HSI/GBI Inspections
  • Full Service Avionics Installs and Repairs
  • Interior Refurbishment
  • Extensive Structure Modification and Repairs
  • Major Refurbishment
  • Specialty Installations
  • 5-Blade Composite Prop
  • Extensive Twin Commander parts inventory 



  • Our technicians have experience in a wide range of avionics from simple repairs to component installations and upgrades.
  • Garmin G950 glass flight deck, Garmin G600 and the Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 3100 Digital Flight Control System
  • Keep your downtime to a minimum. We have the extensive inventory and loaner units to keep your downtime to a minimum and keep you flying.  

Sales and Brokerage Service


  • We can locate truly qualified buyers and present your aircraft to the market in the most compelling way possible.
  • Our aircraft acquisition services enable you to locate the best plane available, based on your mission profile and budget.
  • Whatever your need, you can count on our reputation for integrity, professionalism and good communication throughout the transaction process.

Grand Renaissance Commander®


  • Upon completion, no other aircraft in its class can challenge a Renaissance Commander® in performance, safety, and resale value.
  • The Renaissance Commander Program is a unique and cost-efficient “package-priced” factory parts program, combined with the knowledge and experience of Twin Commander’s worldwide factory-trained service center network.

Twin Commander Technician Training

Twin Commander specific training for maintenance technicians is available in a factory authorized course at Eagle Creek Airport.

  • Familiarization with component locations.
  • Introduction to normal systems operation leading to analyzing system malfunctions in a cost-effective manner.
  • Discussion of recent manufacturer’s service information and product updates.
  • Opportunities to share maintenance experience with other course participants.
  • Courses taught by Mike Grabbe, our experienced and award-winning instructor who has been working with Twin Commanders since 1974.

Upgrade Options for Twin Commanders

  • The five-blade composite prop recently certified for a variety of Twin Commander turboprop models certainly checks the proper box for ramp appeal, but how about performance?  The MT 5 Blade Props offer the following benefits

    • Reduced take off roll
    • Enhanced cruise performance
    • Significant cabin noise reduction as well as outside noise reduction
    • Nearly vibration free propeller operations
    • Cooler engine starts
    • Better erosion protection
    • Unlimited blade life
    • Superior ramp appeal
  • More Data on Demand

    The Garmin G950 MFD map display is designed to interface with a number of remote sensors and tracking systems, making it easy for pilots to overlay graphical weather, lightning, traffic, terrain and other avoidance system advisories. The Garmin G950 Twin Commander will also display engine data on the MFD, getting rid of the old “steam gauges” and providing for a clean, integrated look. This total panel transformation also includes all new fuel, oil and hydraulic system pressure transducers and new engine fuel flow transmitters. All of these new components make the problematic maintenance and parts available issues with the old panel and instruments go away, along with up to 150 pounds of wiring and equipment.

    This all-electronic Garmin panel will integrate all primary flight, navigation, communication terrain, traffic, weather and engine instrumentation systems on a large 12.4-inch multifunction display and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays.

    For More Information about the Twin Commander Garmin G950 Panel

  • The next-generation Genesys Aerosystems 3100 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) is a fully featured, attitude-based autopilot that gives you a list of workload-reducing and safety-enhancing capabilities that were previously unavailable on aftermarket autopilots. The autopilot is now available for installation in Twin Commander aircraft.


  • FAA published an Airworthiness Directive mandating compliance with the aft pressure bulkhead area inspection procedure and modifications specified in Twin Commander Aircraft Service Bulletin 241, which affects certain 690/A/B Twin Commanders.

  • Upgrade your avionics panel with a G600 suite and start reaping the benefits of enhanced situational awareness, safety and pilot workload reduction. The dual-screen G600 works with your Garmin avionics stack, pairing both a primary flight display (PFD) and a multi-function (MFD) display in a single 10-inch wide bezel – to provide a fully TSO’d upgrade option for your cockpit.

    Garmin SVT™  Comes Standard
    A scaled version of Garmin’s SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology comes pre-installed on your G600. Using sophisticated graphics modeling to create a 3-D topographic landscape from the G600’s terrain alerting database, SVT provides a “virtual reality” perspective view of ground and water features, obstacles and traffic – all shown in relative proximity to your aircraft. So, rather than looking at the PFD, you’ll have a sense of looking through it, to “see” what lies beyond the nose of your aircraft. SVT clearly enhances your view of primary flight data by giving it a realistic visual frame of reference – especially in solid IFR or nighttime/marginal VFR conditions.

  • Through the Twin Commander Grand Renaissance program, we offer a completely restored, extremely reliable, safe to operate, high-performance aircraft. It also has  operating costs unmatched by any new production aircraft in its class.

    Upon completion, no other aircraft in its class can challenge a Renaissance Commander® in performance, safety, and resale value. The Renaissance Commander® Program is a unique and cost-efficient “package-priced” factory parts program, combined with the knowledge and experience of Twin Commander’s worldwide factory-trained service center network. The Renaissance program guarantees Commander owners the workmanship, quality, and service they expect.

    The benefits of the Twin Commander Grand Renaissance program

    Performance and Value. No other aircraft in its class comes close to the Twin Commander in performance, safety, and resale value.

    Airframe Renewal. The Renaissance Commander Program takes the risk out of purchasing a pre-owned Twin Commander through rigorous factory-sanctioned airframe refurbishment standards.

    Total Product Support. Twin Commander Aircraft offers support through a worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers.

    Modern Performance. The contemporary aerodynamic design delivers an unmatched blend of high cruise speeds, fuel efficiency, and short field performance.

    New Enhancements. The -10T Engine Modification Program delivers 300+ KTAS cruise speeds and spectacular times to climb. Engine maintenance costs are reduced with a special 5,000-hr TBO and a single mid-life hot section inspection (HSI).


  • Retrofit your 690A, B, 840 or 900 Twin Commander with factory certified TPE331-10T engines and aircraft parts backed by Twin Commander and Honeywell.

    The Dash 10T provides a noticeable torque gain at altitudes over the -5 engine.

    The Dash 10T engine powered 690A test aircraft consistently demonstrated 300-310 KTAS cruise speeds at 20,000 feet, depending on aircraft weight.

  • The Comfort Cabin system has proven very successful in lowering cockpit and cabin noise levels as much as 6db (50%).

    • Under floor insulation, not included in other soundproofing systems, stops “oil can effect” of under floor area
    • Weight reduction from other older insulation could be 50 to 150 pounds
    • Incorporates latest thermal and acoustical technologies to give you the quietest cabin available
    • FAA Approved Installation
    • Less expensive than other traditional soundproofing packages and active noise alternatives
    • Closed cell foam technology will not absorb water or mildew

    Starting from the nose of the aircraft, we studied every area susceptible to noise transmission. We believe we have developed a fantastic solution for Commander owners, to limit noise in the cabin, with a substantial weight decrease over out-dated insulation packages, and most importantly, at an affordable cost!

  • Radome to Tailcone Refurbishment Program Airframe—A thorough log book audit plus a radome-to-tailcone inspection begins the process of uncovering bypassed or deferred items, squawks, or defects. The aircraft is disassembled and thoroughly inspected, system-by-system, bolt-by-bolt. Items found are corrected / repaired / replaced as necessary.

  • We can support a wide variety of remote sensing systems including digital cameras, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors and topographical and bathymetric LIDAR systems.

  • The drop-in LED package –– Custom Kit 190 –– replaces older-technology fluorescent-bulb systems on 690A model and later turboprop-powered Twin Commanders with lighter, brighter, longer-lasting LED lighting. The eight LED lights are a simple remove-and-replace with existing fluorescent bulbs, using existing receptacles in the passenger cabin.

    It is a simple, easy installation and the new LED lights cast a nice, even distribution of light throughout the passenger cabin.

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