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Joint Ownership

Now you have access to the most cost-effective, low-risk way of owning and flying your private jet.

Typical charter management companies and fractional jet operators make money on the per-hour usage of your aircraft. But Jet Access Wing Share provides all the ancillary services already inherent to jet ownership, from financing, maintenance, and hangar rental, to scheduling, fuel, and other FBO services. That’s how we provide a lower per-hour operating expense than our competitors.

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Superior Safety

We only employ the most experienced pilots, giving us a top 1% ranking with ARGUS Platinum for best practices in safety, controls, and processes. We also hold WYVERN’s coveted Wingman certification and carry an IS-BAO Stage 1 safety rating.

Aicraft selection

We search the global marketplace to find the right aircraft—at the right price and with the right features—to fit your mission profile.

Financial Services

We manage the relationship with our financing partners, provide easy-to-understand quarterly invoices, and pay all fixed and variable expenses on your behalf. We also manage the operating account on behalf of owners with month-end financial statements and itemized expense reporting.


The bank account managed on your behalf is your money. Should we beat budget and enjoy an operating surplus, that money can be distributed to the aircraft owners, rolled over to next year’s budget, or used for aircraft upgrades like interior improvements, paint, etc.

Fixed Pricing Per Hour and
No Capital Calls

By controlling all expenses associated with your aircraft, we can provide guaranteed pricing on a per-hour basis with no capital calls. Our per-hour pricing represents the highest possible per-hour price with an opportunity to earn money back based on performance against budget and any revenue generated from the aircraft.


We provide real-time aircraft performance tracking with itemized month-end reporting.

Management and Scheduling
Made Simple

Jet Access fully manages both the aircraft and the syndication. Operational control of your asset always remains with our company, so there is no concern of active participation by owners. Simply schedule with our concierge team for all your flight booking needs.

Sharing Fixed Costs

Dividing expenses across more owners and more flight hours translates to more savings for you.

No Additional Fees

Besides crew travel expenses, there are no additional fees added to your fixed per-hour charge.

Below Market Rates

Save on fuel at your aircraft’s home base and everywhere you go, plus on hangar rents, maintenance, and more.

Roll-Over Policy

Save on fuel at your aircraft’s home base and everywhere you go, plus on hangar rents, maintenance, and more.

Interchangeable Aircraft

Utilize aircraft other than your own with your bank of flight hours.


Now that we have set the new standard for luxury private jet ownership, we would be happy to assist you in taking your ownership to the next level. Click below, and a Jet Access team member will be in touch with you shortly or call us at 1.800.554.9489.

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