Twin Commander Authorized Service Center

Grand Renaissance Commander

Modern Performance. Increased Value.

Through the Twin Commander Grand Renaissance program, we offer a completely restored, extremely reliable, safe to operate, high-performance aircraft. It also has an acquisition and operating cost unmatched by any new production aircraft in its class.

Benefits of the Grand Renaissance Upgrade


Performance and Value

  • No other aircraft in its class comes close to the Twin Commander in performance, safety, and resale value.

Airframe Renewal

  • The Renaissance Commander Program takes the risk out of purchasing a pre-owned Twin Commander through rigorous factory-sanctioned airframe refurbishment standards.

Total Product Support

  • Twin Commander Aircraft offers support through a worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers.


  • The simple, rugged design of the Twin Commander makes it economical and practical to refurbish.

Modern Performance

  • The contemporary aerodynamic design delivers an unmatched blend of high cruise speeds, fuel efficiency, and short field performance.

New Enhancements

  • The -10T Engine Modification Program delivers 300+ KTAS cruise speeds and spectacular times to climb. Engine maintenance costs are reduced with a special 5,000-hr TBO and a single mid-life hot section inspection (HSI).


  • Increasing demand from people moving up from pressurized piston twins to turboprops will help assure strong resale value.

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