An Emphasis On Safety.

Your safety is our number one priority.

With a sharp focus on safety and operational excellence, your peace of mind is guaranteed on every flight. From esteemed management overseeing every aspect of aircraft maintenance to our highly trained and dedicated team of pilots, no detail is spared when it comes to ensuring your safety.


Our Commitment To Safety

Your safety is our top priority and at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond with comprehensive safety training and cutting-edge technology to ensure a safe onboard experience. Our coveted accreditations exceed the industry standard, demonstrating our total commitment to safety.

Safety Protocol

As a part of our Safety Management System (SMS) protocol, each flight is run through a Flight Risk Assessment Tool during the flight-planning process. That allows crew members to assess potential risks for each mission, then establish a review process to develop risk mitigation strategies.

IS-BAO Stage 1

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism. Jet Access is currently IS-BAO Stage 1-compliant, demonstrating the industry’s highest safety practices.


We own and operate our aircraft as well as utilize our preferred fleet partners. We operate only the finest aircraft, with the most stringent standards, and the highest-rated crews, every time for our clients.

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