You’re ready to buy inflight Wi-Fi, what’s next?

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You know you want to buy inflight Wi-Fi for your plane, but you aren’t sure what to do next.  We’ve pulled together a quick list to guide you on the next steps to choose and purchase your Gogo inflight connectivity solution.

1. Choose the right equipment

Need help choosing the right equipment or want some support to confirm that you’ve made the best choice? Our experts are ready to help you select the system that offers you the best inflight Wi-Fi solution for your needs.
Be ready to answer the following questions to help us determine the right solution for you:

  • Where do you fly and on what type of aircraft? How long are your typical flights? Depending on your mission profile, we can recommend solutions for both global and domestic travelers and light jet to mid-heavy plane types. Additionally, we offer services suited for those who fly shorter distances or those who travel on longer flights.
  • How many devices do you want to connect?Consider the typical number of passengers that fly – and, don’t forget the crew. Remember that on average each person may have 2 or 3 devices they want to connect. We have systems that can accommodate from 5 to 25 connections at a time. And, if your device requirements change, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade without having to remove any hardware.
  • What do you want to do?How you plan to use the internet helps us determine which product will deliver the best performance that you require. We offer solutions that accommodate voice, email and light internet activity to heavy internet usage that includes streaming on multiple devices.

2. Select a service plan

How you and your passengers plan to use the onboard Wi-Fi will heavily influence choosing a service plan that fits your needs. Consider the following:

  • Look at the number of passengers that typically fly and how often.And, consider what data requirements they may need on each flight. Will they transfer their on-ground internet habits to the aircraft? Will they want to send emails, download large files, connect with work by phone or text, watch movies or stream live audio or video to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on the ground?All these habits translate to “megabytes used” that can be costly when connected in the air. We can consult with you to help you optimize performance and budget with our available services.
  • Determine how much you want to pay per month. And, set your usage strategy around how to stay within those costs.This may be easier said, than done – as you may not realize how much data is being consumed by all connected devices. Every attachment in an email or device app updating or running in the background may be using data that you’re not aware of when you fly.Knowing how to manage or turn off services that you don’t need in flight can help you manage the amount of data consumed by you and your passengers. Understanding data usage ensures that you pick a plan that can accommodate your needs, and not subject you to potential overage costs.
  • Choose a plan for initial use and adjust as needed.When you first activate, we recommend that you pick a plan that you’re comfortable starting with. You can track your usage for the first few months, and then adjust as needed. We’re willing to accommodate customer changes to be sure your plan matches your onboard internet activities.

3. Schedule your installation

We recommend installing your equipment at your next maintenance event for greater efficiency and to control installation costs. We can help you plan your installation based on what additional work you may need to get done.

For example, are you planning an interior refurbishment or an avionics upgrade? If so, installing or upgrading your internet solution would be an easy add-on. Typically, an aircraft is down for two weeks to install an internet connection. Depending on the jobs you’re having done, it may not add to the work scope required.

Need help taking these next steps? We’re ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best product and service for your specific inflight needs.

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