IADA Assembles World-Class Team to Support International Outreach

Note: Eagle Creek Founder and CEO Matt Hagans is the Chairman of the Accreditation and Membership Committee.

News Release from IADA:
To support a larger industry profile, the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) has fortified its ranks with a number of industry experts to advance its growing global presence.

The organization has added organizational management expertise, precision and verification to its exclusive aircraft listing service, discipline to its accreditations and certifications, creativity to advertising, and industry expertise to social media, media planning and public relation

Executive Director

IADA’s Board of Directors has made a number of significant improvements and additions to the organization’s support structure. The organization hired its first Executive Director less than a year ago. Wayne Starling came aboard IADA to provide overall strategic direction for the organization during a period of accelerated growth.

“Wayne Starling’s vast expertise in sales, finance and strategic business development helps guide IADA and our committee structure as the organization has developed dealer accreditation, broker certification and verified Product and Support member development,” said IADA Chairman Brian Proctor. “We are so very grateful that he has made himself available for this important position to support our volunteer board.”Starling has served the industry as a board member of IADA’s predecessor, the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). He also was on the board of the National Aviation Finance Association (NAFA) and the National Business Aviation Finance Association. NAFA recently awarded him its Lifetime Achievement Award for leadership, contributions and service to the association, its members and the aviation industry.

AircraftExchange.com Accuracy
IADA has contracted with Diane Levine-Wilson to ensure that aircraft search data provided exclusively by the accredited dealers on the organization’s aircraft search website is accurate and up to date for buyers and sellers of business aircraft. She is a well-known and respected researcher in the aviation industry whose responsibility is protecting and safeguarding the integrity of the aircraft data presented on IADA’s search portal, www.AircraftExchange.com.

Accreditation and Certification Process Development
IADA has employed Joseph Allan Aviation Consulting to develop and administer a rigorous IADA process to accredit aircraft dealers and certify aircraft sales brokers. Joseph Allan also provides clients with other services, including data analytics, instructional design and technical writing.

IADA has engaged aviation advertising firm Gorman360 as its creative agency to lead the association’s branding and to position the organization prominently within the international aircraft industry. Gorman360, headed by advertising and aviation expert Jim Gorman, oversees IADA’s overall website development, event and venue support, copywriting, design services, social media and public relations.

Media Planning, Social Media
Gorman360 and IADA have engaged Copp Media Services for media planning, strategy, buying and social media targeting. Copp is well respected in the aviation industry, has an extensive aviation background and has worked for numerous aviation related clients.

Public Relations

Gorman360 and IADA have also hired James Gregory Consultancy llc, a public relations firm with considerable aviation industry experience to handle its media relations and communication initiatives. In more than 30 years in the aerospace industry, Jim Gregory of the firm has worked for more than 50 aviation companies, including numerous aircraft manufacturers.IADA represents a variety of product and aviation services that also operate with the highest professional standards in the industry. It is a professional trade association formed more than 25 years ago. Promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry, IADA now offers the world’s only accreditation program for dealers and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers high standards of business conduct and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace.

For more info about IADA go to www.IADA.aero.

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