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Gogo AVANCE L3 Inflight Connectivity & WiFi

Broadband for everyone

Gogo AVANCE L3 is a great solution for light to mid sized aircraft including the Embraer Phenom 100 and Phenom 300, Citation CJ’s, Bravos, Encores, Ultras and more.



Never before has this much connectivity been offered at this level of affordability. Gogo AVANCE™ L3 keeps passengers productive on the Gogo Biz® inflight internet and voice service, but it also gives operators all the integration and control benefits of the software-centric AVANCE platform. It’s a complete, cost-effective and customizable solution ideal for light to mid-size aircraft.
  • Supports email, web browsing, connecting to the corporate VPN or making voice calls
  • Seamless coverage in the continental US, plus portions of Canada and Alaska
  • 3 Service offerings to choose from
  • Advanced smart router optimizes the in-cabin experience
  • Free Passenger 4G/LTE on-ground connectivity

Gogo AVANCE L3 Features


Use your wireless devices during flight so you can stay productive, informed and entertained.

Gogo AVANCE L3 Features and Options:

  • One LRU, 3 options available
    • Core
    • Plus
    • Max
  • Budget-friendly hourly/monthly/annual plans
  • Gogo Text & Talk Available Option
  • Voice Service Available Option
  • Gogo Vision Available Option

Gogo Text & Talk


Gogo Text & Talk lets you use your own smartphone
to call and text in the air, just like you do on the ground.The best part is that because it uses your own number, there’s no need for two-step dialing routines, call forwarding protocols or pre-programmed extensions.

Patent-pending technology allows Gogo Text & Talk to work through a Gogo Biz connection with Wi-Fi without the need for expensive and heavy picocell technology.
If you’re flying and someone dials your number – it rings. Same with texting – it just works. Your address book and caller ID? It all works too.

About Gogo Text & Talk

  • Your own phone, your own number
  • Very easy to use – looks like your phone, works like your phone
  • Available with any Gogo Biz System
  • Gogo Text & Talk is 100% software based, no additional hardware is required
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