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Updated: November 29, 2023

Flight Training



Indianapolis Regional Airport (MQJ)
3867 North Aviation Way
Greenfield, Indiana 46140

Satellite Locations

Bolton Field, Columbus, OH (TZR)
Columbus Municipal Airport, Columbus, IN (BAK)
Indianapolis Executive Airport, Zionsville, IN (TYQ)
Music City Executive Airport, Gallatin, TN (XNX)
Quincy Regional Airport – Baldwin Field, Quincy, IL (UIN)

Club Membership

Eligibility for Special Pricing: Flight and Instruction includes…
  • Discount on flight instruction, ground instruction, and plane rentals
  • Membership in the Jet Access Flight Training Club
    • Requires a credit card on account for monthly servicing fee
  • Jet Access Flight Training Club one-time initiation fee of $199
  • $49/mo club membership dues thereafter The Jet Access Flight Training Club is a no-hassle, recurring fee program which includes a one-time initiation fee.

The Jet Access Flight Training Club is a no-hassle, recurring fee program which includes a one-time initiation fee. The monthly fee will be automatically deducted every month from the credit card on file (required). As a Jet Access Flight Training Club Member, you are entitled to discounted rental and instruction rates as our way of saying “THANK YOU” to JAFT’s frequent flyers.

Discovery Flight

Piper, Cessna, or Evektor Discovery Flight

  • $99 Approx. 30-minute flight with a Certified Flight Instructor
  • Approx. 15-minute tutorial of the aircraft and the flight training experience
  • The opportunity to control the aircraft
  • A valuable experience to gain career insight and pursue your passion

Cirrus Discovery Flight (TYQ Only)

  • $210 Approx. 30-minute flight with a Certified Flight Instructor
  • $370 Approx. 1-hour flight with a Certified Flight Instructor
  • Approx. 15-minute tutorial of the aircraft and the flight training experience
  • The opportunity to control the aircraft
  • A valuable experience to gain career insight and pursue your passion


Financial Aid

You may be surprised that getting a pilot’s license is not as expensive as you might think. Your goals are attainable with Jet Access Flight Training’s acceptance of financial aid from many programs.

Financial Aid Through University

Training with our university affiliates, such as Vincennes University or Quincy University, provides access to several conventional student loan options.

AOPA Flight Training Funds |

The AOPA Flight Training Funds account allows you the flexibility to structure your training to fit your needs. Use the account to pay for a rating or certificate program or just to get the additional hours you need to feel safe and comfortable in your aircraft. You can use your account to pay for aircraft rental, instructor fees, books, and supplies, or anything else to make your training successful. The choice is yours, and you control how and where you use your account.

Financial Institutions

We accept financial aid from nearly any banking institution. We do not force you to use a particular bank like other schools might. You can shop around and find what is best for you. Training through one of our university or collegiate affiliates may allow eligibility for federal subsidized education loans. We are also GI Bill VA approved. Consult your local VA financial aid office for information on how to apply your earned benefits to our flight training. Funding for Jet Access Flight Training Fast-Track Commercial Program is available through Meritize and Stratus Financial.

Pay as You Go

Flight students pay for the aircraft rental and the flight instructor’s time after each flight lesson. We accept credit cards, cash, or check.

Our History

Jet Access Flight Training was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois in 2003. Jet Access Flight Training is affiliated with Aero Management Group LLC. Our aviation company family was created with nothing more than a passion for aviation and has since grown into a leading company for charter, aircraft management, aircraft sales and acquisitions, airport and FBO management, and flight training. Our focus now and since our first day has been to provide a prestigious quality of customer service.

Jet Access Flight Training is a results-focused flight training school that provides students with the tools and skills to be a successful, career-ready pilot. Commercial aviation is a rewarding and high-demand profession and we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the strongest demand for career pilots in the history of transportation.

Jet Access Flight Training is the premier aviation career solution, bringing high quality, accelerated flight training to students of various career paths. Jet Access Flight Training is a part 61 and part 141-approved flight training program. We have earned a reputation as an affordable and reliable flight school. This reputation has uniquely qualified us to provide training for universities, colleges, and ROTC programs throughout the United States. As an approved part 141 school, all our part 61 students also get the high quality of training that part 141 requirements demand. Our flight school focuses on customer service and pricing transparency.

Flight Training Tips

Tips to Earning Your Pilot License

  • Strive to fly 2-3 times per week. This will keep training fresh and prevent reviewing past lessons.
  • Be prepared. Review material before your flight lesson. If you plan on performing ground reference maneuvers during your next lesson, read up on them beforehand. Not only will you perform the maneuver better, but you will also be able to retain new information faster.
  • Get involved. Volunteer for events at your airport or hang around after your lesson and talk to other pilots. You are bound to learn something.
  • Ask questions. Pilots love to talk and show off their knowledge, so ask away!
  • Immerse yourself. In addition to your textbooks and manuals, take the time to read and expose yourself to anything aviation related. Search the web and read articles in areas of interest.
  • Most importantly—HAVE FUN!

To begin flight training you must be able to read, speak, and understand English. Flight training is a valuable experience for children and adults of all ages. You must hold at least a third-class medical certificate and be 16 years old to solo. You must be 17 years old to be a private pilot and 18 years old to be a commercial pilot.

Jet Access Flight Training’s reputation and nationwide presence aids our graduates in finding jobs. We also have employment relationships for our graduates and offer many of our graduates instructor positions. Our instructors are guaranteed interviews for corporate positions within our company family after teaching for approx. 1 year with us. Jet Access Flight Training has a 100% job placement record for our commercial graduates.

We are FAA part 141 approved for Private Pilot flight and ground, Instrument flight and ground, Commercial flight and ground, and Instructor flight training.

No. We teach aviation to share our passion and grow our community. Everyone is welcome, especially people who want to fly just for fun to take their family and friends on flights, get an exciting twist on vacations, discover the adventure of cross-country aviation, etc. All our students share the quality of service that our commercial school and community provides, whether training for fun or a career. Contact us with your goals and we can tailor your training to your desires.

You do not need a degree. However, training through our university affiliates can help students attain low interest loans and restricted ATP minimums. A degree can also be useful with other opportunities in the diverse aviation employment market.

Yes. We are VA approved for the GI Bill benefits through Vincennes University. Please consult your local VA financial aid office for details on how to get your approval with them to begin training with us.

Training from a private institution versus a state school often looks the same on a resume to a potential pilot employer. Airlines and similar businesses want to see flight hour experience and ratings. Training with us provides a higher level of customer service at substantially less cost and time. Our training can be tailored to our student’s needs and be completed as fast as the student is able. This allows our graduates to find employment and hold their airline seniority number much sooner than big state schools.

Starting is quick and easy. We want to help you make sure flight training is right for you, so it is recommended to quickly schedule just one lesson or discovery flight, so you can experience what flight training is like and meet our professional instructors to find valuable answers to your questions. Call 1.888.412.2163 or email to get started.


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