Twin Commander Market Report: Continued Improvement

Article published in April’s “Flight Levels Online” edition

It’s still all a little hard to believe. Despite widespread downturns in economies around the world, general aviation continues to hold its own with flight activity strong in most areas and businesses generally doing well. That also holds true in the used aircraft market, where the light end is thriving.

According to Eagle Creek Aviation’s Jim Worrell, the Twin Commander market is equally strong. As in previous quarters, supply is tight on late-model refurbished aircraft. “The late-model 1000s are always going to be desirable,” Worrell said. Also contributing to the supply dynamics in the United States is a slow and steady stream of airplanes being sold for export or being deregistered. Worrell said in just the last year around 15 percent of the fleet has come off the FAA registry. He estimates there are around 575 turbine Commander aircraft in service worldwide right now.

Although still not at 2005 pricing levels, in general the market looks strong and healthy from all angles. Given what’s going on in the broader economy, there’s no reason to think that will change anytime soon.

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