The Transformation of a Falcon 2000LX: Expertise, Investment, and Satisfaction

A recent client’s experience with Jet Access highlighted not only our commitment to deliver the best value but also our capability to exceed expectations through our attention to detail and seasoned expertise. Our client was on the hunt for a Falcon 2000LX that possessed the perfect blend of value, pedigree, and accounting for his exit strategy. Luckily, we were able to identify such an aircraft, albeit with a rather dated interior that had seen better days.

The aircraft had just come off a lease and its pre-purchase inspection was efficiently carried out during the off-lease inspection. With its aging aesthetics, we could purchase the aircraft under fair conditions—an accomplishment in today’s turbulent market. Despite the dated interior, our client, guided by the knowledge and expertise of our Brokerage President, Kevin Rossignon, saw the potential beneath the surface. The interior condition, they knew, could be significantly improved post-closing.

Following the successful acquisition of the Falcon 2000LX, our team immediately convened with the client to devise a comprehensive plan for a tasteful interior refurbishment, aiming to meet the client’s budget of about $300,000. The refurbishment strategy included:

  • Replacing the carpet
  • Updating soft goods on all seats and modifying their style
  • Installing a new lower sidewall and headliner
  • Modifying the aft dividers and mirrors
  • Integrating a new Corian countertop in the lavatory and galley
  • Laying a new AeroLoc flooring in the galley
  • We meticulously selected the materials and presented renderings to our client for approval. With a clear vision in mind and a skilled team at the helm, we set to work.

View the Project Renderings here.

Fast forward 10 weeks, and the transformation was astonishing. The refurbished aircraft bore no resemblance to its former self, instead appearing no different than a brand-new Falcon 2000LXS fresh off the assembly line. The interior exuded modernity and elegance, while still retaining the classic charm that the Falcon 2000LX series is known for.

This refurbishment represented more than just aesthetic improvement, it was a strategic capital investment. Our client’s $300,000 refurbishment guaranteed a 4x return on investment. Today, the aircraft could be resold for a substantial profit. Yet, the client has chosen to enjoy the fruits of this fruitful venture—a decision we are delighted with.

At Jet Access, we strive to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive, tailored services that extend beyond mere acquisition or sales. From identifying the right asset to executing refurbishment plans that amplify the value of your investment, we stand by our clients at every step of their journey.

If you are contemplating an aircraft acquisition, sale, or refurbishment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. At Jet Access, you can truly “Expect It All.”

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