Support Local Families in Need through Flight1’s “Joy of Flight” Christmas Drive

We are sharing a special opportunity to reach local families that need help with providing Christmas this year. 

This year has been especially hard for many of our families. Lost jobs, loved ones who have passed, and ongoing health concerns are making the holidays difficult. Flight1 wants to give our Courageous Fliers some holiday cheer, and they need our help to make it successful.

Flight1’s goal is to raise $40,000 while giving back to Courageous Fliers through sponsorships, monetary donations and gift donations. Learn more at

Flight1 provides confidence-building experiences for children whose families struggle with the loss of confidence and emotional toll of facing a serious health challenge or losing an immediate family member to illness.

The Courageous Fliers program was developed to build confidence through the joy of flight.  The multi-year program delivers program services occurring year-round and range from playing a flight simulator game up to flying a real plane or hot air balloon.  Our focus always remains on building the child’s self-confidence and supporting the family’s needs. Learn more about Flight1’s mission at


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