Project Watch: G950 Installation on a Twin Commander

Take a look behind the scenes of an extensive G950 installation on a Twin Commander.

The Garmin G950 glass flight deck is an all-electronic Garmin panel integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication terrain, traffic, weather and engine instrumentation systems on a large 12.4-inch multifunction display and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays.

The Garmin G950 MFD map display is designed to interface with a number of remote sensors and tracking systems, making it easy for pilots to overlay graphical weather, lightning, traffic, terrain and other avoidance system advisories.

The Garmin G950 Twin Commander also displays engine data on the MFD, providing for a clean, integrated look.

This total panel transformation also includes all new fuel, oil and hydraulic system pressure transducers and new engine fuel flow transmitters.

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