NTSB Webinar: Implementing an SMS in Small to Midsized Aviation Operations, Featuring Jet Access VP of Safety

​​​How can small and midsized aviation operators implement a safety management system (SMS) to improve their safety and prevent accidents? It’s not as daunting—or as costly and resource-intensive—as it may seem. It is possible to establish an SMS for every operation because these systems can be scaled to an operator’s size and complexity and customized to address unique risks. Watch this special live NTSB webinar, Implementing an SMS in Small to Midsized Aviation Operations, to see how.

The NTSB kicked off the webinar with accident case studies that highlight why the NTSB has long advocated for SMS in all passenger-carrying operations. NTSB investigations of Part 135 and Part 91 accidents have revealed many examples of operators lacking an SMS or having an ineffective SMS that did not identify risks that played a role in accidents. Additionally, they described cultural characteristics we have observed that were contrary to effective safety management and contributed to some of these accidents. 

NTSB Board Member Michael Graham moderated a roundtable discussion with several small to midsized operators in various stages of SMS implementation to explore why they chose to implement an SMS, how they are incorporating the four SMS components (safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion), the challenges they overcame, and the safety and economic benefits they are seeing. Jet Access Vice President of Safety, DER, Maria Kelly, represented Jet Access in the roundtable discussion.

Jet Access prides itself on having an FAA formally recognized SMS, placing it in the top 2.5% of other charter operators in the United States to obtain this safety credential. Only 10-12% of other operators have adopted but not formally recognized SMS. Through these safety initiatives, Jet Access demonstrates its leadership in aviation safety and advocacy, ensuring our commitment to the highest level of safety.

Watch the NTSB Webinar here.

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