Major Rebates for Gogo L3 Upgrades and New Installs

There’s never been a better time to discover how connectivity can improve your inflight experience in amazing and powerful ways. That’s why Gogo is offering new and existing customers the chance to save up to $15,000 on an AVANCE L3 system.

Net Boost Promo ($15k installation rebate) –Existing customers are eligible to upgrade to the AVANCE L3 and receive a $15,000 rebate upon return of the classic ATG system to Gogo, along with system activation and completion of a Subscriber Services Agreement on the L3.

Smartplane 2021 Promo ($10k installation rebate) – New Gogo customers who install an AVANCE L3 system will receive a $10,000 rebate from Gogo upon installation, activation and a completed Subscriber Services Agreement.

We have extensive experience installing Gogo products in numerous aircraft types at each of our facilities. Contact the Connectivity Experts to schedule a consultation.

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