IADA Certifies 41 Aircraft Brokers

In 2023, the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) certified 41 Aircraft Brokers who met all of the requirements and passed the IADA Certified Broker Exam. All IADA-Certified Aircraft Brokers work for IADA-Accredited Aircraft Dealers. Jet Access brokers Julie Ricker and Elliott Sutter are now IADA Certified Brokers.

The purpose of IADA’s Broker Certification is to:

  • Validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be a successful Aircraft Broker.
  • Standardize IADA Aircraft Brokers.
  • Increase their prominence within the industry.
  • Provide objective third-party certification of Aircraft Brokers working for IADA-Accredited Dealers.

“These 41 newly IADA-certified Aircraft Brokers have all met or exceeded the stringent requirements and passed a comprehensive examination administered by a third party,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “The entire IADA organization is proud of their extraordinary professionalism and commitment to transparent aircraft transactions.”

To apply for IADA certification, a broker must be employed by an IADA-Accredited Dealer or OEM for at least a year. IADA recommends a minimum of two to three total years of experience as an aircraft broker, including completing several aircraft transactions.

The rigorous IADA broker testing process is administered by Joseph Allen Aviation Consulting, an independent third party that specializes in instructional design and learning management. IADA-Certified aircraft brokers all pursue continuing education through IADA U online courses. IADA-Certified Aircraft Brokers designation is not transferrable if a broker leaves the employ of an IADA-Accredited dealer.

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