Garmin Adds FANS to G5000 Excel/XLS Upgrade

By Matt Thurber, Aviation International News

Garmin’s G5000 flight deck upgrade for the Citation Excel and XLS has newly certified capabilities, including support for future air navigation system (FANS) 1/A+ and aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS). These features meet requirements for flying in North Atlantic Track System (NATS) airspace and also participation in the FAA’s Data Comm program.

The upgrade uses Garmin’s GSR 56 Iridium satcom for over-ocean communications and the GDR 66 radio for VHF datalink communications. The Data Comm service in the U.S. gives pilots access to CPDLC departure clearances (DCL) at more than 60 airports. With DCL, clearances are sent directly to the aircraft and then automatically loaded into the G5000. Some Data Comm services are also becoming available for en route communications. With ACARS capability, pilots can send and receive datalink messages via an ACARS host and access weather information and digital ATIS, where available.

With three landscape-oriented displays, the G5000 upgrade features two touchscreen controllers, ADS-B Out, PBN/RNP 0.3 with LPV/APV approach capability, and a digital automatic flight control system with emergency descent mode. Options include underspeed protection and fully coupled go-arounds, synthetic vision, SurfaceWatch airport and runway safety advisor, datalink weather via Iridium, Doppler weather radar, and Flightstream 510 wireless gateway.

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