First Wing Charter is Hiring Pilots in Command (PIC) / Captains

First Wing Charter & Management is looking for experienced pilots and captains to join our crew of private jet charter pilots in Indianapolis, Ind. (PIC CE-680 and CE-560 XL).

The Pilot in Command / Captain will be part of an experienced crew of private charter pilots and may also act as Second in Command on both Part 91 and Part 135 flights.

As one of Indiana’s only locally-owned and family-operated charter companies, First Wing Charter offers premier, private jet travel experiences specifically tailored to our passengers’ needs. Operating out of Indianapolis for nearly 30 years, we have been operating incident and accident-free for more than two decades and carry an ARGUS Gold rating and Wyvern Certification. 

Our local charter fleet consists of numerous Citations, including Sovereigns, Excels and Bravos, and our pilots and travel coordinators have experience flying to destinations across the U.S., as well as international locations. 

The Pilot in Command / Captain would be responsible for:

  • Preparing the aircraft for the day’s flight with attention to cleanliness, requested catering, aircraft airworthiness, etc.
  • Completing the completion of all pre-flight weather briefings, weight and balance calculations, flight planning, ordering of fuel, and all other required paperwork per First Wing Management’s operating procedures.
  • Greeting customers as they arrive at the airport.
  • Consistently promoting a professional flight crew atmosphere.
  • Responsible for the strict adherence to the FARs and First Wing Management’s policies and procedures.
  • Operation of the aircraft in a confident manner with priority given to safety, passenger comfort and cost effectiveness.
  • Post-flight duties include accurate completion of all trip paperwork required in terms of record keeping materials.
  • Responsible for communicating all pertinent information, including maintenance squawks, cosmetic issues, and upcoming maintenance events with the proper authorities.
  • Assist with the training and development of other First Wing Management pilots.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the aircraft systems and limitations.
  • Understanding of FARs.
  • Understanding of First Wing Management’s Operating Procedures.
  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
  • Ability to handle and resolve technical issues and problems.
  • Ability to effectively utilize technical documentation and literature.

Education and Experience Requirements for Pilot – CE-680 Citation Sovereign:

• First Class Medical
• ATP Certificate
• CE-680 Type Rating preferred, not necessary
• 3,000 hours total flight time
• 1,000 hours Turbine Pilot in Command

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Education and Experience Requirements for PIC CE-560XL (Citation Excel):

• First Class Medical
• ATP Certificate
• CE-560XL Type Rating 
• 3,000 hours total flight time
• 250 hours in type

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For questions, please contact First Wing Charter General Manager Andy Yergler at or 317-293-6935.

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