EJOA Board Establishes Insurance Committee

EJOA Board Establishes Insurance Committee

Following our annual conference in Nashville, and based on the level of interest, importance, and positive feedback about our sessions, the Board has approved my recommendation for the formation of an “Insurance Committee.”


The “Insurance Committee” of EJOA shall have as its purpose to engage the following subject matter to benefit its members:

1. To educate the members and the insurance industry on matters relevant to the members’ aviation insurance needs.

2. To explore ways to improve coverage availability and pricing.

3. To seek ways to improve communications and develop ideas and standards that will facilitate #2 above.

4. To explore and develop an EJOA Safety Standards Program that will assist in safer operations of member aircraft and be recognized by the insurance industry as a “Best Practices” approach. The goal would be more favorable coverage access, coverage limit expansion, and improved pricing for our members who meet and ascribe to that standard.

Let me add my thanks to Mr. William Behan, who spoke on the subject matter, for his advice and the benefit of his long experience in the business.


Initial members of the committee shall be:

William Midon. Bill is a member of EJOA’s Board of Directors who shall serve as Committee Chairman. He brings a wealth of experience and long association with Embraer Executive Jet aircraft as a type-rated Phenom 100 owner-pilot. As such, he represents both Phenom 100 owners as well as the single-pilot community.

Scott Durkee. Scott is an active corporate pilot with E55P and E550 type-ratings, among others. With extensive CFD leadership experience he will represent those members who are a part of a corporate flight department operation and those who fly in a professional/two pilot operation.

Josh Jabour. Josh is affiliated with Bill Behan and Assured Partners Aerospace. Bill recommended Josh and pledged his firm’s continuing support to this committee. Josh can speak for aviation underwriters and providers. Assured Partners is the largest firm in the field with 51,000 aircraft insured.

Other members. We are open to including one to two others who are interested and who are either members of the association or actively engaged in the aviation insurance or training industry. If interested, drop a note to Bill Midon (wmidon@intervest.bm) with your thoughts, and please send me a copy (dbotopgun@aol.com).

We look forward to having the committee engage on the subject, and we anticipate the committee’s active participation in our June ’22 Annual Conference in San Antonio.

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