Eagle Creek Invests in Interior and Cabinetry Shop

We are excited to announce that we have invested in an interior and cabinetry shop to offer our customers complete interior solutions in-house. As a testament to our interior refurbishment ability, we’d like to showcase a recent interior overhaul recently completed at Eagle Creek.

The interior upgrade on a Citation 525 included the following:

  • LED track lighting modification – Removal of existing fluorescent lighting and installation of LED downwash lighting in cabin headliner to enhance visibility in cabin.
  • Cabin & Crew Seat upgrades – Removed existing leather, replaced with upgraded leather and custom foam, replacement of crew seat wool to match cabin seats, upgraded leather cockpit sidewall panels.  Installed carpeted panels around passenger seat bases to give the seats a “floating” look throughout the cabin.
  • Removed and replaced carpet throughout.
  • Painted door frame to match interior.
  • Customized and recovered cabin headliner.
  • Upgraded woodwork throughout the cabin, custom paint application, stripped and removed existing veneer, laid new veneer, refinished woodwork to forward LH storage cabinet, forward RH cabin divider, forward RH two-place divan with aft armrest cabinet, drink ledges, pull-out tables, RH cabin divider and lavatory cabinets.
  • Refurbishment of interior metal plating throughout the aircraft.
  • Installation of conveniently-located USB ports in cabin.
  • We also redesigned the cabin lower side wall to transition with tray tables the way the later model CJs do.  This creates a more modern look.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery below and let us know what you think! We’d love the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for upgrades to your aircraft. Contact our Maintenance Sales Director, Dan Smock at dsmock@eagle-creek.com.


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