Eagle Creek Aviation Enhances Upgrade Offerings for Phenom Aircraft

New enhancements include providing more legroom in the cockpit and cabin enhancements

As an Embraer Authorized Service Center with a long history of Phenom service and sales, we are always looking for ways to make flying more enjoyable and comfortable for our customers.

We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with Embraer, their senior management and key support staff, having been directly involved in the design of the first Phenoms more than 13 years ago, even before their introduction into the U.S. market.

We know these planes inside and out and have been leading the market on both the mandated items, including ADS-B, landing gear overhauls and the large 120-month Phenom inspections, but also system upgrades and refurbishment.

While servicing Phenoms, we have had many conversations with our customers about specific upgrades they would like to see added to our list of capabilities. Through this process, we have been able to accommodate many special requests to enhance their airplanes. Some of these unique enhancements include:

  • Side-facing 5th seat installation (P100)
  • Belted lavatory (P100 and P300)
  • Heated baggage compartment (P300)
  • Interior rail refinishing
  • Leather interior refurbishment
  • Baggage compartment refinishing
  • Cockpit seat track extension (P100 and P300)

The latest offering was a result of feedback we received from Phenom 100 owners. A lot of these planes are owner flown, and we continually heard that the cockpit does not provide enough legroom for the pilot. In response to this, we worked with our engineers and our maintenance technicians to develop a pilot seat track extension. This mod provides an additional three inches of travel and includes three additional locking positions for added comfort. The pilot divider is also modified slightly to allow additional room for recline. We are excited to share this enhancement with our Phenom customers.

To learn more about available Phenom options and upgrades, click here

The Eagle Creek Family of Companies has been providing premier aviation services for nearly four decades. The company owns and operates Eagle Creek Aviation, First Wing Jet Center in Zionsville, Ind. (TYQ) and also operates First Wing Charter and Management.

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