CJ1+ Owner Shares His Experience with Eagle Creek

“This April, I had the GoGo Avance L3 WiFi system installed in the CJ1+. Eagle Creek Aviation at EYE coordinated and performed the installation. I wanted to share my experience with CJP members.

The planning process started several months before the installation date. Eagle Creek assigned a project manager, Jason Witte, who coordinated all of the activities. I think that this was key to the timely and successful installation. Long before the installation, electrical load and RF interference testing was performed on the aircraft. Measurements for the exterior antenna installation plates were done. DER approvals for pressure vessel penetrations and reinforcements were obtained. Drawings for components and equipment trays were developed.

I dropped the aircraft off at Eagle Creek in early April. They were running a split shift due to Covid. All anti infection protocols were in place, and strictly adhered to.

Having received almost daily progress updates updates from Jason, it was time to pick the aircraft up at the end of April (on schedule). I had Eagle Creek take care of an N number change and some environmental system repairs while they had the aircraft as well. When I picked up the aircraft, it looked great. The interior was detailed the exterior perfectly washed and detailed, all brightwork polished. The painting of the new N number was perfect. And the WiFi installation looked great, with the WiFi on/off switch located next to the TAWS switches on the panel. The environmental issues were fixed.

As luck would have it, one of the GoGo components suffered from electronic infant mortality on the trip home, despite testing ok on the ground. Two days later, a technician from Eagle Creek arrived at our hangar at ENW with tools and replacement components. A few hours later, we successfully flight tested the new installation. The technician flew with me and performed the hardware and software tests in flight.

My experience with Eagle Creek Aviation had been very positive. I would highly recommend them for any Citation work. They have several former Textron employees on staff, and maintain multiple Citations. Their maintenance/modification group is very well organized and performs work to a high standard. And they do a great job at communicating with clients.”

Mitch Januszewski, Citation Owner

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