2022 Twin Commander Maintenance Training Schedule Announced

Eagle Creek Aviation will once again host a series of Twin Commander Maintenance Training Courses this year. Courses are taught by Mike Grabbe, Eagle Creek’s experienced and award-winning instructor who has been working with Twin Commanders since 1974.

Twin Commander Maintenance Training Schedule for 2022

  • The first event is a virtual, interactive, instructor led class starting March 7th and ending March 16th.
  • The second event is a face-to-face class starting April 4th and ending April 13th.
  • The third event is a face-to-face class starting October 17th and ending October 26th.

Training Includes:

The eight-day (8) Twin Commander Maintenance Initial training event takes the A&P mechanic, or equivalent, through the various systems in a face-to-face (or virtual online) classroom environment.  Clients are issued a student binder containing a printed version of the presentation. The presentations reference the AMM & AIPC documents, and other associated publications that are provided on a USB device. The course also includes information on the G950 and MT-Propeller STCs. 

The class is finalized with the execution of a 100 question, closed book, exam.  Upon successful completion of the class, clients receive an official certificate of training and a record of training document. 


The price for the class is $5,000.00 per attendee.  Payment is due prior to the first day of class and may be made via wire transfer, credit card or Company check.  If you prefer to make payment via wire transfer, please email us for wiring instructions and advise when payment is made so that our accounting department credits the payment properly.

Scheduled Class Requirements/Information:

Due to the pandemic, our normal minimum requirement of four (4) attendees has been reduced to two (2) registered attendees.  Attendees do not have to be from the same Operator.

First-time attendees to the Twin Commanders, online training may require advanced studying of the AMMs and IPCs prior to the beginning of class and “touching” an aircraft at home may be needed before or after class days.

Face-to-face training is held at Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis, IN (KEYE).  Virtual training, if required, will be through GoToMeeting, or other similar internet based services.

Special accommodations for dates outside of the scheduled dates may be possible but will require a minimum of four (4) registered attendees. 

Please contact Mike Grabbe to register.

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