2020 Twin Commander Maintenance Training Courses

Eagle Creek Aviation will host two Twin Commander Training Courses taught by Eagle Creek’s Twin Commander Expert Technical Advisor, Mike Grabbe. Grabbe is an experienced and award-winning instructor who has been working with Twin Commanders since 1974.

The first 2020 Twin Commander Maintenance Initial Course covering the 690 thru 695B models is scheduled for April 20 – 29. The second 2020 class is scheduled for September 21 – 30. The Twin Commander Maintenance class is an eight-day event to comply with EASA requirements and includes information on the G950 STC.

The eight-day Twin Commander Maintenance Initial training event takes the A&P mechanic (or equivalent) through the various systems in a classroom environment, using the AMM & AIPC documents, along with associated publications, and physical training aids.  Additionally, we will have access to live aircraft.

Clients are issued a training binder with a printed copy of the presentation and various handout reference documents on a USB device.

The class is finalized with the execution of a closed book exam.  Upon successful completion of the class, clients receive an official certificate of training and a record of training document.

The price for the class has not been raised in several years and is still $5,000 per client.  Payment is due prior to arrival and may be made via wire transfer, credit card, company check or cash.  If payment is to be made via wire transfer, please advise and we will provide the requisite banking information.  Also, anyone using wire transfer payment should advise me when they commit the transfer, else our accounting department does not know from whom and for what the funds are to be used.

The classes are held at Eagle Creek Aviation in Indianapolis (KEYE airport), located at 4101 Dandy Trail, Indianapolis, IN.

The commercial airport is Indianapolis International Airport (KIND), and we are approximately a 15-20-minute drive north of there.  The class begins the first day at 8:30 a.m. and ends around noon on the last day.

Contact Mike Grabbe at mgrabbe@eagle-creek.com to RSVP, or call (317) 752-3708.

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