$20,000 Rebate Available for G1000 NXi Upgrade for King Airs

For a limited time, King Air customers receive a $20,000 Garmin rebate for new Garmin G1000 NXi installations*. G1000 NXi is available for popular King Air models, including select King Air C90, 200, 300, and 350 series aircraft.

With the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck, the industry’s most popular and trusted King Air flight deck upgrade is even better. Its processing power, enhanced features and growth-oriented technology combine to help lower your aircraft’s cost of operation while boosting its overall performance, useful load, NextGen readiness and, ultimately, market value at resale time. Backed by our No. 1-ranked product support team, G1000 NXi is today’s premier upgrade solution for your King Air’s avionics system.

A Perfect Fit for Your King Air     

In its King Air cockpit configuration, the G1000 NXi upgrade package features a large 15” multifunction display (MFD) in the center of the panel, flanked by 10.4” primary flight displays (PFDs) at the pilot and copilot positions. Offering full flight management system (FMS) capabilities in an RVSM-capable installation, the King Air upgrade integrates all primary flight, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic, radio frequency, engine and fuel data readouts in a format that makes the pilot interface much clearer, simpler and more intuitive.

With excellent dimming performance enabled by the most modern LED lighting technology, the displays are bright, crisp and more adaptable overall. Powerful graphics rendering offers high-speed zooming, panning and map depiction, and system startup is quick so you can access your avionics right away. Better still, since G1000 NXi integrates so many components (and eliminates so much extra wiring), it typically comes in at a weight that’s lower by approximately 250 lbs. than the old-style avionics it’s replacing. More fuel? More luggage? An extra passenger? The weight savings can translate into real operational advantages for your King Air.

Industry-leading Solution for King Air Glass Flight Deck Retrofits

  • Latest, most advanced flight deck upgrade brings zero-time avionics, new glass displays, smooth flight control and HSI mapping to your Beechcraft King Air
  • Equipped to meet and exceed airspace modernization initiatives for ADS-B and more
  • Enables WAAS LPV approaches into thousands of airports — with Visual Approach capability for autopilot-coupled glidepaths to pilot-selectable minimums
  • G1000 NXi upgrade saves an estimated 250 lbs. over the avionics it typically replaces
  • Optional Connext® connectivity adds worldwide weather, voice calling and text messaging plus database and flight plan transferring with tablet or smartphone interface
  • The system also supports popular King Air upgrade STC’s, such as the Blackhawk Aerospace XP67A Engine+ upgrade and the Textron Heavyweight Kit option for the King Air 350.

*Discount only applies to new installations. Does not apply to G1000 to G1000 NXi updates.

Learn more about G1000 NXi for your King Air.

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